Established in Spain in 1924 as a manufacturer of movie projectors, Ossa (Orpheo Sincronic Sociedad AnĂ³nima) began manufacturing motorcycles in 1949.
By the 1960s their light weight two-stroke on & off road bikes were sky rocketing in sales across the States and Canada. Add to this repeated Championship success with their hot rider, Santiago Herrero and Ossa were on a winning streak …. until the Isle of Man TT of 1970, when Ossa tragically fell foul to a crash on the melted tar. This signalled the end of racing for Ossa. And so they turned their attention to trials – with great success … British rider, Mick Andrews, went on to capture the ’71 & ’72 European Trials Championships for OSSA … a feat he eclipsed when he won the ever gruelling Scottish Six Days Trial for three consecutive years in the early 70s. The late 70s weren’t as kind to OSSA due to a grossly demanding American market, super fierce Japanese competition and a volatile economic market in their Spanish homeland.
OSSA remained active until 1982.

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